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Another resource to view and make comments on the plan is by visiting the Department of Metropolitan Development’s website. You can access that website at https://indy.civicomment.org/

Plan ideas have evolved from ongoing conversations with many people and organizations along the river. We have a new survey available that will allow you to help us prioritize plan recommendations. To take the survey, please click ‘Share Your Perspective’ below.

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About the White River Vision Plan

Communities along the White River are experiencing a renaissance. Development in downtowns is accelerating, arts and cultural institutions are expanding their visions, and investments in parks and open spaces have contributed to a flourishing public realm and quality of life.

The White River is the next frontier. Long invisible, the river is awakening from a long period of underutilization and ecological degradation.

The White River Vision Plan is a joint effort between the City of Indianapolis and Hamilton County Tourism, Inc. in partnership with Visit Indy’s philanthropic arm, Tourism Tomorrow, Inc. to develop a comprehensive and coordinated regional, community-driven plan to enhance 58 miles of the White River in Marion and Hamilton counties. The goal of the vision plan is to create an accessible, recreational, and cultural environment that encourages a unique sense of place for the community as a whole.

The White River Vision Plan will be developed to promote:

  • Access to the White River for residents and visitors — our two largest, most important audiences
  • The environmental value and ecological quality of the river corridor, including its water quality and natural habitats
  • Connection to attractions, arts and entertainment venues, hiking and biking trails, and neighborhoods
  • Experiences along the water that contribute to our shared cultural heritage and history

Project Timeline

Coordinated plans include enhancement of existing places, activation of new spaces, and identification of areas in need of important ecological protection or restoration.

The vision plan will be completed in four phases over twelve months beginning April 2018 through April 2019. Each phase of the vision plan includes a public meeting for Central Indiana residents to learn more and share feedback.


Phase 1 - Discovery

The White River Vision Plan will take inventory of plans previously created for the White River, identify current land ownership along the river, development and mobility patterns, demographic and economic trends, environmental systems and relevant stakeholders. It will include research on current ecological and hydrologic conditions and water quality along the river.


Phase 2 - Envision

Potential destination locations and features to be included in those destinations will be assessed, and specific neighborhood districts close to the river will be identified to highlight within the vision plan. Programming, events, market conditions and unique features will be considered.

Areas of unusual ecological, historical, cultural, scientific or aesthetic significance that are currently overlooked along the river will be identified. The river’s overall system of connectivity will be assessed for gaps and future opportunities.

Finally, concepts and design plans will be created to develop the White River and include themes, events, and experiences already in place in the 58 miles between Marion to Hamilton counties.


DECEMBER 2018 - APRIL 2019

Phase 3 - Action

The White River Vision Plan will identify any policy or legal barriers that could prevent implementation of the plan, and secure public and/or private investors to fully fund development preceding the planning process.

The vision plan will provide guidance for the Central Indiana community to implement and support the plan to final creation.

Check back for updates on the public meetings!

When the vision plan is finished, what happens?

The vision plan will offer recommendations with details for completion and ways to support projects and infrastructure included in the plan. The plan also involves ways to secure funding to ensure execution of the vision plan once approved.

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