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Since the glaciers first carved it out, White River has been Central Indiana’s defining natural asset, guiding the settlement of our region for thousands of years.

For the last century, we’ve turned our backs on the river.

That’s changing, and local communities are coming together to imagine a new future with a clean river that reflects our quality of life in Central Indiana. Together, we’ll preserve this centerpiece of our home for generations to come—and use it to build a brighter future for all.

Visit the River

The White River connects more than 10,000 acres of parks and attractions in Central Indiana, and whether you’re looking for a quiet escape to nature or a community celebration, there’s always something happening along the river.

Help the River

If you live in Marion or Hamilton Counties, chances are the raindrops that fall on your rooftop, lawn, and street end up in the White River.  That means everyone has a role in helping improve the health of the river.


The White River Vision Plan is a community-driven plan in Hamilton County and Indianapolis that explores the enormous potential of our river to enhance regional vibrancy, ecological integrity, livability and economic vitality.

In recent years, Hamilton County and Marion County have experienced a renaissance. Downtown development is accelerating, suburban communities are flourishing, cultural institutions are expanding, major infrastructure projects are tackling water quality challenges, and park improvements are leading to a flourishing quality of life for the community. Long invisible, the river too is awakening from a period of underutilization and ecological degradation. The vision plan ran from Spring 2018 to Summer 2019. Over this period, over 13,000 ideas were gathered from the community at local events, special meetings, and online.

The result? A vision that the White River is Central Indiana’s next frontier—unifying and diverse, productive and protected, timeless and contemporary. The River sets us apart as communities that can work together to realize big dreams. Its healing power guides us toward a resilient future, supports healthy neighborhoods and economies, honors the past, and improves the lives of Hoosiers for generations to come.

And while the plan is a generational plan to establish a national-park like network of places and experiences, we’re already getting started. Riverfront parks in both communities are already receiving additional investment. White River State Park is expanding. Combined sewer systems in Noblesville and Indianapolis are being addressed. A growing number of people are living, working, and visiting riverfront villages. Trail networks to and along the river are growing. Upstream farmers are being incentivized to use farming methods that help the river’s health.  Institutions are activating their river’s edges. We’re just getting started, so stay involved and stay engaged and help realize the river’s potential.

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