Since the glaciers first carved it out, White River has been Central Indiana’s defining natural asset, guiding the settlement of our region for thousands of years.

For the last century, we’ve turned our backs on the river.

That’s changing, and local communities are coming together to imagine a new future with a clean river that reflects our quality of life in Central Indiana. Together, we’ll preserve this centerpiece of our home for generations to come—and use it to build a brighter future for all.

Visit the River

The White River connects more than 10,000 acres of parks and attractions in Central Indiana, and whether you’re looking for a quiet escape to nature or a community celebration, there’s always something happening along the river.

Help the River

If you live in Marion or Hamilton Counties, chances are the raindrops that fall on your rooftop, lawn, and street end up in the White River.  That means everyone has a role in helping improve the health of the river.


About the White River Vision Plan

Communities along the White River are experiencing a renaissance. Development in downtowns is accelerating, arts and cultural institutions are expanding their visions, and investments in parks and open spaces have contributed to a flourishing public realm and quality of life.

The White River is the next frontier. Long invisible, the river is awakening from a long period of underutilization and ecological degradation.

The White River Vision Plan is a joint effort between the City of Indianapolis and Hamilton County Tourism, Inc. in partnership with Visit Indy’s philanthropic arm, Tourism Tomorrow, Inc. to develop a comprehensive and coordinated regional, community-driven plan to enhance 58 miles of the White River in Marion and Hamilton counties. The goal of the vision plan is to create an accessible, recreational, and cultural environment that encourages a unique sense of place for the community as a whole.

The White River Vision Plan will be developed to promote:

  • Access to the White River for residents and visitors — our two largest, most important audiences
  • The environmental value and ecological quality of the river corridor, including its water quality and natural habitats
  • Connection to attractions, arts and entertainment venues, hiking and biking trails, and neighborhoods
  • Experiences along the water that contribute to our shared cultural heritage and history

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