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Governance Transition Team


The White River Vision Plan Transition Team was appointed and charged with serving as the civic trust to further explore and recommend the regional governance implementation strategy for the White River Vision Plan. 

What is regional governance?
When we talk about regional governance, we’re referring to the types of activities and decision-making processes that will be needed to take the plan from vision to reality.  These include:

  • coordination between municipalities, anchor destinations, non-profit partners, and others
  • implementation support like fundraising and permitting or approvals
  • development and construction of projects like parks, trails, destinations, flood protection, and ecological restoration
  • ongoing operations like maintenance, programming, and security

The Plan recommended a governance model that paired a regional non-profit organization with a governmental entity or partnership.  The Transition Team was charged with leading the conversation about how such a model could work in Central Indiana, including whether that non-profit organization could grow from an existing organization or would be new, and what that governmental entity could look like, considering everything from simple agreements between existing local governments to a new regional agency.

Review the Plan Task 7: Governance & Implementation Report

The transition team completed their phase of governance work at the end of 2020, and staff continues to build on this work through regional conversations.

Team Members

The White River Vision Plan Transition Team consists of balanced representatives from both Marion and Hamilton Counties with governance, organizational development, fundraising, and political experience.

Hamilton County 

  • Matt Cohoat, Co-Chair
    Becknell Industrial
  • Tom Dickey
    Hageman Group
  • Betsy McCaw
    Heritage Group, Tourism Tomorrow
  • Aaron Smith
    Noblesville Common Council
  • Julie Thompson
    Civic Leader

Marion County

  • Sam Odle, Co-Chair
    Bose Public Affairs
  • Emily Krueger
    16 Tech Community Corp
  • Vop Osili
    City-County Council
  • Brian Payne
    Central Indiana Community Foundation
  • Amy Conrad Warner

Input + Meetings

During the process, the Transition Team invited representative organizations to participate in the governance conversation through written “briefs” as well as in-person panels structured around the Plan’s guiding principles.  Meetings of the White River Vision Plan Governance Transition Team and all presentations and submitted written briefs are published below.

Other stakeholders and interested community members were also submit a written brief through June 15, 2020.

Meeting 4: Community/Region/Equity

June 4, 2020
2:30 – 4pm

Videoconference Recording
Comments or Questions?  [email protected]

Meeting 3: Activation/Economy

May 22, 2020

Videoconference Recording
Comments or Questions?  [email protected]

Meeting 2: Environmental

May 6, 2020

Videoconference Recording
Comments or Questions?  [email protected]

Meeting 1: Introduction

March 25, 2020

Visit Indy Board Room
200 S. Capitol Ave. Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46225

Videoconference Recording
Comments or Questions?  [email protected]

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